Ratik Kapoor

Electrical and Computer Engineering Student | Schulich School of Engineering

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Who Am I?


Solving real world problems with unique technological approaches.


Taking direct action where I can make a positive impact.


Getting the most out of as little as possible.


Nice to meet you, I'm Ratik

I'm an electrical engineering student at the Schulich School of Engineering who is passionate about using technology to inspire change in the world around me. I love all things related to computers, especially microcontrollers, networking, and computer hardware. Experienced in C, C++, Python, HTML, and CSS with current projects being used in the Engineering Students' Society at the University of Calgary.

Fluent in bash scripting with experience in embedded OS and kernel development with an interest in IoT devices. Minoring in Computer Engineering with an upcoming focus in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and networking.

My Skills




Bash Scripting

Embedded Systems

PCB Design

Graphic Design


Team Management

My Involvement


Relectric Car Team

August 2019 - Current

Founder and executive lead at the Schulich Relectric Car Team. I oversee the day-to-day activities of the team, coach the department leads on management styles, and ensure our builds are on time and on budget. Additionally, I act as the liaison between the team, governing bodies, and sponsors.


Engineering Students' Society

April 2020 - Current

As the first Technology Commissioner, I am in charge of managing our organization's tech assets and bringing new ideas to fruition. I work closely with the VPs and President to refine existing processes and get event analytics. Through this position, I help the Engineering Students' Society better engage and serve the student body. Moreover, I attend weekly council meetings to voice and discuss student concerns.


Advanced Biofabrication Laboratory

January 2020 - Current

My role at ABL is to help develop biofabrication technology that can be used to automate artificial stem cell and tissue development in a high throughput environment.


U of C Solar Car

September 2018 - September 2019

On the Solar Car Team, I was a member of the PCB sub-team. My responsibilities included helping design PCBs, solder components onto manufactured circuit boards, and installing and testing these boards in the car.

My Portfolio



As part of our ENEL300, Engineering Professional Skills, course, our group created a device called PlantPod.

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Bench Skills

Through both personal and school projects, I have been able to hone my electronics bench skills.

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Throughout my electrical engineering degree, I have learned valuable skills in each course that I can use in the future.

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I'd love to connect with you and perhaps see a couple projects of yours too!

Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary
Email: hello@ratik.me